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Type Building Address Floor Plan Image No. of Room Available
Commercial Building Woon Lee Commercial Building 8/F, Woon Lee Commercial Building, No. 7-9 Austin Avenue TST 17c15eb773c17b3f8f42eecede3af03d_floor_plan.jpg c0b1faff-61a0-4cc6-b6e3-69e9ab71e8c0.jpg 30 rooms
Commercial Building Empress Plaza Flat 2002-2003 Empress Plaza, No 17-19 Chatham Rd S, Tsim Sha Tsui c1_floor.png 1aef79ce44e5f66bc7a5821840f8d62e_1.jpg 2 rooms
Industrial Building Yee Lim Fty Unit B, 14/F, Yee Lim Factory Building Fty, 32-40 Kwai Ting Rd, Kwai Chung, N.T. FPj.jpg 3375675b-92e0-4345-acca-3809006d08f6.jpg rooms
Commercial Building Kimberly House Rm 503, 5/F, Kimberly House, 35A Kimber Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong floor.jpg 8fd9c7aabdd843c4872f00152467c793_01.jpg rooms
Industrial Building Wah Fat Industrial Building Rear Block, 25/F, Flat 12 Kung Yip Street 10-14 Kwai Tsing, New Territories U2-_Post.jpg 07995a0c11e9963c37e85ebc2d40afcd_01.jpg 1 rooms
Commercial Building New Mandarin Plaza Block A Flat 16, 13/F, New Mandarin Plaza Block A, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui PriceList.jpg dacfd1ad-a7ec-452d-a5f0-a237f53e0512.jpg 5 rooms
Industrial Building Joy Fat Fty Flat B, 5/F, Joy Fat Fty Bldg, 483F-G Castle Peak Rd FP4.jpg ba639f18-8cea-4f53-b726-b4bbd81299ce.jpg rooms
Industrial Building Vigor Ind Bldg Flat B, 2/F, Block 1, Vigor Ind Bldg, 49-53 Ta Chuen Ping St 19d49d366bdf20247c961a4bb8cbfa2c_floor_plan.jpg 8f429f849f6f569e688d0578ca2cfca0_03.jpg rooms
Industrial Building Wing Tai Ctr Flat A, 7/F, Wing Tai Centre, 12 Hing Yip St FW_floor.jpg FW_.jpg 3 rooms
Industrial Building Tung Chong Ind Bldg Flat CD, 12/F, Tung Chong Fty Bldg, 657 King's Rd R1_-F.jpg 1.jpg 1 rooms
Industrial Building Mai Gar Ind Bldg Flat A, 11/F, Mai Gar Ind Bldg, 146 Wai Yip St MG-F_P.jpg P2.jpg 7 rooms
Industrial Building Fat Lee Ind Bldg 2/F, Fat Lee Ind Bldg, 17 Hung To Rd floor_plan.jpg 3d.jpg 5 rooms
Industrial Building Kam Shing Ind Bldg Flat D, 4/F, Kam Shing Ind Bldg, 1 Kwai Wing Rd FLOOR_PLAN.jpg 3D.jpg 2 rooms
Industrial Building Tontex Ind Bldg Flat B, 7/F, Tontex Industrial Bldg, 2 Sheung Hei St T1_RmNo.jpg 7b_cotack_001.jpg 1 rooms
Industrial Building Precious Ind Ctr Flat A, 8/F, Precious Ind Ctr, 18 Cheung Yue St F1_RmNo.jpg 8a_precious_001.jpg 1 rooms
Industrial Building Wing Tai Ctr Flat A, 7/F, Wing Tai Ctr, 12 Hing Yip St W2_RmNo.jpg 7a_wingtaicentre_001.jpg rooms
Commercial Building Billion Plaza II Flat A, 17/F, Billion Plaza II, 10 Cheung Yue St B1_RmNo.jpg 17A_billionPlazaII.jpg rooms
Industrial Building Mai Wo Ind Bldg 13/F, Mai Wo Ind Bldg, 98 Kwai Cheong Road 69eb14dcfb69ac19d2600d54e0347712_W1_RmNo.jpg 13f_maiwoo_001.jpg rooms
Industrial Building Mai Wo Ind Bldg 3/F, Mai Wo Ind Bldg, 98 Kwai Cheong Road 5c0776e4191f4b6148eab64f7b8e43da_U1_RmNum.jpg 3F_meiwoo.jpg 2 rooms